Frequently Asked Questions


What is the website Third Stage and what do I find there?

The website Third Stage broadcasts plays of Slovene theatres live, at the very moment you are watching them.

Third Stage does not think that theatre as a phenomenon is replaceable with a live broadcast. We do not raise new, idle spectators from home.

Theatrical experience among actors and spectators is irreplaceable, and Third Stage actively encourages personal presence in theatres as soon as this is possible.


Are performances live?

Performances take place live. The beginning of a show and broadcast from a theatre stage is at a precise time. We kindly ask you to attend the show of Third Stage on time, at least 15 minutes before the start of a play, just like in a theatre.

Since plays are live, they might start with a few minutes’ delay. This of course is an exception, rather than a rule. In such a case we ask you for a little patience.

Performances are filmed on the theatre stage live with high-resolution cameras.


Can I watch a show later?

Performances are live and cannot be viewed later. You also cannot stop the broadcasting of a performance and see it with a delay. It is a one-time view at the exact moment when it is broadcasted.


Where can I watch the theatre play for which I bought the ticket?

Plays can be seen on any device that enables the access to the webpage You can of course watch a play also on a smart television.

If you have an older computer, it is possible that video transmission interface will not work, so we ask you to try to use another browser or computer, if possible.


On which device can I see a play?

There are a few options — smart television, laptop, tablet, and smart phone.

If you do not have a smart television, you can connect your computer or smart phone with your TV with a HDMI cable.


How do I connect my computer with a TV?

You can connect your television to your computer in two ways:

— with a wire — via HDMI cable

HDMI is currently the best cable for TV.

HDMI transmits a high-resolution video signal and provides sound as well. For the simplest experience, find a newer TV and a personal computer which uses this interface.

— wireless — through modern devices, such as: AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick (they include all wizards for a simple connection of device with television, on condition that your computer supports it).


Are any additional settings required?

Additional settings are not required.


Do I need to register before buying a ticket?

You can register prior or during your purchase.


I have a ticket, but I cannot find the link to the performance.

The link to the performance can be found in the tab ‘Watch performance’. To watch a performance, click the button ‘Watch’. If you are a recipient of a gift ticket, you have to redeem it first.


I encountered problems during video stream.

In case of problems during the video stream, we recommend the use of another browser, or if possible, another device; check also your Internet connection and volume settings on your device. If nothing works, write to us or call us.


Performance stopped on my device, what can I do?

Refresh the page, or try to open it in another browser.


I signed into the system with my username, but it says that shows are not available.

Check if you used the same username as the one you submitted during registration.


If you have a gift ticket, check if you redeemed it correctly. You can find the instructions here.