Terms & Conditions

Tukaj in zdaj d. o. o. (hereafter: ‘we’) respects the privacy of anyone who visits our websites (hereafter: ‘the user’). Collection, processing, and usage of data is executed pursuant to the Slovene and EU legislation for personal information protection (GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation).

We collect and process personal data for the purposes of informing you about the programme and special offers of the company Tukaj in zdaj d.o.o., and for the evaluation of our services, but only with your consent. In our collection of personal information, we permanently store names and electronic addresses we acquired with subscriptions to our e-news on the website www.tretjioder.si and with your consent to receive news at a purchase in our on-line store. In all mentioned cases, you agree with our terms and conditions. We retain your personal information obtained in this way until your revocation of permission. In the event that you no longer wish to receive our contents, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we will delete your data from our personal database.

Our personal database also TEMPORARILY stores personal data of ALL ONLINE CUSTOMERS, but only for the purposes of communication related to purchases and costumer satisfaction. After completed service with an invitation to submit your assessment via the online system Arthur, managed by the company Cohortem d.o.o., to which we provide your data for this purpose, all personal information will be deleted from all databases.

We guarantee a high level of personal data protection and undertake that all obtained personal data will be safely stored and used for the purposes described above only. In order to improve the quality of our services and for statistical purposes, we also process information on displays of received messages and clicks on the links in received messages.

The acquired data will not be used, processed, or passed to third parties outside of the scope of legally allowed frameworks or your consent. The data will be provided only if we are obliged to do so on the basis of formal requests or court orders.

The user is held responsible that all data is true and accurate. We are not held responsible for the consequences of false data.

The users themselves are also held responsible for the protection of their personal information by making sure their username, password, and e-mail are safe, and for an appropriate programme (anti-virus) protection of the device on which they visit our website.


Limitation of Liability

We reserve the right to mistakes on all our webpages, both in the graphic and textual parts, and are not held responsible for them.

We are not held responsible for performance failure in the event of problems with the Internet connection or user’s/buyer’s technical issues.

We reserve the right to change this website and these conditions at any time, without special permission or notifying the user. Changed terms of use come into force on the day when changes are published on the webpage.

The terms of use described above do not apply to external websites which can be accessed through hyperlinks on our website.

Viewing contents of this website, subscribing to e-news, and/or using the contact form, means automatically agreeing to all of the conditions of use described above.

Contact information:

Tukaj in zdaj d. o. o.

Ulica bratov Učakar 106

1000 Ljubljana

[email protected]


Gift tickets

When you buy a gift ticket, you receive a unique code at your email address, which you can give to anyone you want. The recipient can redeem the code for the selected performance at the website www.tretjioder.si. All gift ticket codes have an expiry date listed on their respective page.


Means of payment

Purchases at the web portal www.tretjioder.si can be made with the following methods of payment:

Credit cards

Pay Pal


WARNING: Credit card payment system is executed on the platform Stripe, and does not concern the ticket provider (web site www.tertjioder.si)! All conditions of payment and security protocols are defined and executed by Stripe.


Ticket purchase — insertion of CVC code

When you pay with credit cards, CVC — card verification code — input is obligatory. CVC is the last 3- or 4-digit number located on the back of the card in the signature area.


My purchases

In the section ‘User account’, users can check their purchase status (upon prior registration). The overview includes all successfully completed transactions, indicating play titles, purchase dates, confirmation numbers, and other purchase information.

If you have more than one user name (with different email addresses), pay attention with which user name you logged in, as transactions are tied to the user name!


Online purchase is final

Before clicking Pay, the buyer has to check all information about the purchase (date and price, organiser, the title of the show, the number of seats etc.). In the last window before payment, it is still possible to change the event, date, and time. After transaction, which is done online immediately after you click Pay, changes or cancellation of purchase are not possible anymore.


Mistakes during purchases

If the browser notifies you about a mistake during your purchase, or if there appear to be other obvious problems, before another attempt, first check you purchases at ‘My account — Orders’. If there is no receipt for your chosen event, transaction was unsuccessful!

The buyer sends the following purchase information via email:

*the date/hour of purchase;

*the title of a performance;

*the number of tickets;

*the email address used at the purchase;

*the method of payment used;

*at which purchasing step problems occurred;

* the notification you received.

We are not responsible for the consequences that arise if the costumer does not disclose the required purchase information.


Personal data protection statement

By visiting the webpage, you consent to the collection and usage of your information, pursuant to the online store policy. Online store policy is in conformity with The Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1, Ur.l.RS št. 86/2004, 113/2005)


Privacy policy changes

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. In doing so, we will inform you about content policy changes by posting changes on our homepage, or by notifying you about changes.