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Boris Nikitin

The Opposite

Directed by: Boris Nikitin
Production: Slovenian Mladinsko Theatre


Dramaturgy: Goran Injac

Assistant director/co-director: Jan Krmelj

Costume and mask design: Vanja Djuran, Lea Bratušek

Music selection: Boris Nikitin, Jan Krmelj

Music arrangements: Uroš Buh

Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj

Translation (German–Slovene): Tanja Petrič

Translation (German–English, English–Slovene): Urška Daly

Sound design: Marijan Sajovic

Special effects consultant: Klemen Stare

Stage manager: Gašper Tesner


The final version of the text was devised in collaboration with the team.



Primož Bezjak

Janja Majzelj

Ivan Peternelj

Blaž Štefe

Stane Tomazin


Premiered: 28. 3. 2019


It is clear: overreacting, parody, provocation and subversive playing with borders between the real and the fake have become finely tuned props of populism in the competition for political attention. The borders of the agreed are constantly moved and questioned. It is almost as if we’d dragged the western philosophy over a Dadaist pit and that the question of what is reality and who determines it would become fuel for the next transgression.

Non-fiction in a feverish state, a parody as the paradigm of our time!

And the consequences, as always, real: winning the elections, triggering crises, making political decisions, wars, selling products. The victim of this is a little man and his probably greatest political ability: his vulnerability. Vulner-ability.

How can we deal with all of this on stage, this probably most ambiguous space the evolution has ever produced? Perhaps only as a bad slapstick, as the opposition of things.


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