Watch The Game – 27. 5. at 9 pm


Author’s project

The Game

Directed by: Žiga Divjak
Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana


Research assistant: Maja Ava Žiberna

Assistant director: Ana Lorger, Nika Prusnik Kardum

Dramaturgical collaborator: Katarina Morano

Set design: Igor Vasiljev

Costume design: Tina Pavlović

Music; sound and video design: Blaž Gracar

Speech advisor: Mateja Dermelj

Translation of the recording: Barbara Skubic

Lighting design and stage manager: Igor Remeta

Production and stage manager: Tina Dobnik


The text of the performance is based on testimonies from the Border Violence Monitoring Network database



Primož Bezjak

Sara Dirnbek k. g.

Maruša Oblak

Matej Puc k. g.

Vito Weis


Premiered: 10. 6. 2020


People who have walked across half of the world to escape wars, persecution, violence and crushing poverty, call the last stretch of their route, the stretch that takes them from Bosnia and Herzegovina to a safe destination in the European Union, the game.

The game has no rules, laws don’t apply, the powers of the police is limitless, the violence increasingly brutal, the dangers increasingly more dangerous, the possibilities smaller and smaller, and the destination further and further … Many try several times, even twenty or thirty times; it’s a numbers game.

For many, the game is fatal. Available records show that around twenty people have thus far lost their lives on our borders.

The Game, a devised theatre project, will study the role and responsibility of Slovenia and its border policy for lives and fates of the people on the run.