Watch Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland! – 22. 5. at 9 pm


Oliver Frljić

Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!

Directed by: Oliver Frljić

Dramaturgy: Borut Šeparović, Tomaž Toporišič

Set and costume design, music selection: Oliver Frljić

Assistant director and movement consultant: Matjaž Farič

Sound design: Silvo Zupančič

Lighting design: Oliver Frljić, Tomaž Štrucl

Production management: Tina Malič

Stage manager: Urša Červ / Liam Hlede


The text of the performance is based on the improvisations of the actors.


Premiered: 3. 3. 2010




In this performance, Oliver Frljić deals with love and hate towards theatre; the framework for his questioning of the limits of artistic and civic freedom are the fragments of a story about the disintegration of Yugoslavia, a symbolic space inhabited by actors full of dilemmas we all encounter, but to which we often willingly turn a blind eye. The universality of the play was confirmed during very successful performances at prominent festivals. Likewise, as the critic of the French Le Figaro wrote, everybody agrees that “the performance hits hard, and intentionally. […] These actors […] believe in the power of theatre that connects, enlightens, acts. In our spoilt society where stages are saturated with ‘cultural products’ with no flavour, this is very good news.”



Borštnik award for best young actor at the Maribor Theatre Festival 2010 to Uroš Kaurin

Borštnik award for outstanding collective creation at the Maribor Theatre Festival 2010

Župančič award 2011 to Primož Bezjak, among others also for his role in Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!

award for for the courage in development of the genre of political theatre, International Festival of New Theatre, Omsk, Russia (2013)


The play will be performed on the lower stage of the Mladinsko Theatre, and it will be broadcasted live on the Third Stage website with high-resolution cameras, which provide the best possible experience for spectators.