Godibodi: Metod Banko, Tomaž Hostnik & Nerodnozabavni ansambel – 29. 5. at 8 pm


Metod Banko, Tomaž Hostnik & Nerodnozabavni ansambel

Date: 29th of May 2021

Time: 20.00

Venue: Ljubljanski grad

Producer: Zavod Godibodi in Ljubljanski grad

Price for the four-day festival ticket: 27 euros


Metod Banko


Metod Banko – vocals

Janez Dovč – accordion

Goran Krmac – tuba

Teo Collori – guitar


Tomaž Hostnik & Nerodnozabavni ansambel


Tomaž Hostnik – vocals

Janez Dovč – accordion, electronics

Matic Plemenitaš – guitar

Goran Krmac – tuba, electronics

Kristjan Krajnčan – drums, percussion


Since its first edition in 2008, the Godibodi Festival of contemporary original and ethno music has been synonymous with quality music and a complete concert experience, continuously opening up a space for fresh and not yet established Slovenian music. Under the baton of versatile musician and artistic director of the festival Janez Dovč, this unique music project has brought together numerous top Slovenian musicians over the past twelve years.

This year, the fourteenth edition of the festival will take place in the last week of May with concerts by: Blaž Mencinger, Eva Hren & Rukavina Quartet; Samo and Barbara Vovk (festival production); Robert Petan (album promotion; Marko banda (album promotion); Vruja (album promotion); Metod Banko (festival production); and Tomaž Hostnik & Nerodnozabavni ansambel.


Sponsors of the Godibodi festival are BTC City and Zavarovalnica Triglav. The media sponsor of the festival is Radio Prvi RTV SLO.